Schedule Your Personal Fitness Assessment

It all begins here with a professional bike fit by one of our certified PowerCycling coaches to ensure that you will not only optimize your efforts on the bike but also do so safely. In this initial meeting, you will immediately begin to realize how PowerCycling is different from any other indoor cycling program.
During your Assessment, you will get a full understanding of the benefits of PowerCycling and walk away with a plan of how it will help you to achieve your goals. After being fitted properly to the bike, you will perform a 10- minute baseline generating ride, which will help to establish the individual training levels that you will use on all future rides.

The entire time that you are turning the pedals you will be able to observe your watts (energy expended), heart rate, and cadence. It is these three variables that help to individualize each training ride and lock you into your own personal training "sweet spot" ensuring that every moment spent training is producing maximum benefit. You receive detailed feedback after each ride allowing you to realize small victories each and every time. This valuable feedback gives your training momentum and further motivates you to keep moving towards your bigger goals.

The Stronger You Are:

The more power and force your muscles are able to produce

The less likely you are to fatigue

The faster you will ride

The risk of injury is reduced

Choose Your Type of Training

Cyclists looking to get faster, click on Performance Series

Fitness enthusiasts looking for total body conditioning, click on Power Hour

Supplement your cardiovascular training with 30/40 minute rides

It's Really Pretty Simple!

With the PowerCycling system in place, all you have to do is come ready to work hard and in return
you will get stronger and change the way you ride and feel forever.

Whether your goal is to become a better cyclist or just improve your overall fitness, PowerCycling will get you there faster.

Fitness Evaluation $50

"One thing that I love about PowerCycling is the individualization of the program. Every ride is designed at my level, which has lead to steady progress and improvement in my indoor and outdoor cycling. Every minute of a ride has a purpose, which leads to the highest quality of training.
The Performance Series is definitely designed for success, it is awesome to head out on the road and see the progress. You have designed an amazing training system, THANKS SO MUCH MARC !!!

~Deanna A.
Masters Triathlete