To discover your potential, you must be willing to challenge yourself


The PowerCycling Story

As a kid I always loved riding my bicycle, but this feeling reached new heights during the 4 years that I rode in the Little 500 while attending Indiana University- the bicycle race made famous by the movie “Breaking Away”. Sure I loved to perform on race day, but what I enjoyed more than anything was the daily training in preparation for the event-challenging myself and seeing progress. My love of training is what lead me to creating PowerCycling.

I had a vision for PowerCycling in the 90’s when I was one of the first in the Midwest to run a Spinning program out of my personal training studio. I was always interested in giving the most individualized workout possible, but that was impossible in a class of 20. I wanted to create a training system for anyone of any fitness level, where there was measured progress and they could do their own individualized training whenever they wanted, without needing to follow an instructor in a class setting.

I had always admired what the San Francisco 49ers had accomplished with their West Coast Offense on their way to winning 4 Super Bowls in the 1980’s. Over that time period inevitably a star player would get injured, but the team wouldn’t miss a step. The 49ers would just plug another unknown player into their system and before long that player was producing as well as the player he had replaced. They had built a well oiled machine that showed the system was bigger than the individuals and as long as the players followed

My desire was to create the same type of program for cycling where the system would develop stronger cyclists no matter where they were starting from. I had always loved the training aspect of cycling and challenging myself to get better, but I wanted to make sure all of my hard training was paying off, and that’s what the PowerCycling training method offers your training-a proven path to success.

After all of these years I have finally realized my vision and now have been helping individuals for over 10 years with these training methods to enhance their fitness and well-being with PowerCycling.

I look forward to helping you discover your potential,

Marc Mueller Owner and Creator