2019 PowerCycling Summer Riding Club


Beginner / Intermediate
13-17 mph average riding speed                                                              
Basic skill development - learn to ride in a group bike handling skills proper use of gears hill climbing abilities                build cycling fitness become more confident on the road


Monday 6-8 pm– starting from PowerCycling   Saturday 9 am– starting from PowerCycling (Choose from routes lasting 2-4 hours)


Give your training the structure & support
 you need to make progress and have fun!

Enjoy coached club rides every week May-August. 

This is a complete Summer training program that will offer you weekly rides utilizing the best roads in the local area. These coached training rides will help motivate you to get stronger and give you that on the bike individual attention that you need to reach your cycling potential and achieve your goals. The rides are designed to be progressive throughout the summer so that you will continue to challenge yourself, and avoid any plateaus in your training.

You will develop a variety of cycling skills throughout the summer which will make you faster on the flats, more confident riding with a group and stronger on the hills.

The Club is open to all levels and abilities. 

Our goal is to help you enjoy your summer riding season to it's fullest.

Club Fee: $299


Advanced Group
18-20 mph average
Desire to enhance riding performance
Experienced riding in groups


Wednesday 6- 8:30 pm– starting from Aberdeen Bike in Chelsea Saturday 9 am– starting from PowerCycling (Choose from routes lasting 2-4 hours)