Performance Training Series


Discover Your Potential

Take all of the guess work out of your training, and increase your power 5-10% with this proven 16 ride series. When you complete the Performance Series you will be stronger, ride faster, have greater endurance, climb with greater ease, and have that extra gear in your legs when sprinting.

The Performance Series utilizes progressive training techniques which will push the body to it's limits and produce the desired improvement.

Each ride in the Series has a specific training purpose -whether it's to build endurance, develop your sustained power at Threshold, increase your Vo2 Max capabilities, become a better sprinter, or increase your climbing ability.

You can perform the Performance Series in our private studio using the CycleOps PT300, equipped with a PowerTap, or in the comfort of your own home using your own power meter.

Get on the fast track to becoming a stronger cyclist now by scheduling your Performance Test today.

Home Coaching Package: $129 per month
includes coaching analysis of all Performance Series rides
and 2 supplemental rides each week

"I've made more progress training with Marc and the PowerCycling system in 4 months
than I had riding on my own over the last two years"
~Gahl B.
Competitive Cyclist

"Thanks for pushing felt great to get out of my comfort zone and I was surprised with my numbers today. I'm loving biking so much lately and feeling so much stronger and confident from where I was a few months ago and especially from where I was last year and the year before!"
~Mark S.