Power Hour
The Ultimate Cross-Training Workout

If you are a cyclist, athlete, or fitness minded person looking to get stronger; there is no better way than joining a Power Hour 1-2 times a week. A Power Hour closely reflects your sport by training your aerobic energy system, strength recruitment system and muscular endurance all in one workout.

Power Hour consists of a 30 minute PowerCycling segment and a 30 minute weight training session where you can target your upper body, lower body, or total body and includes valuable core/abdominal training in every session.

Combining strength and endurance training into one efficient workout creates a synergistic effect that will deliver greater results in a shorter amount of time.


Power Hour's effectiveness is a result of the following:

• Cycling before weight training warms the body up properly and provides a stimulus to the body that will help you to develop more lean muscle tissue.

• Focused weight training workouts produce results quickly.

• Valuable feedback each workout develops confidence and builds momentum within your training.

• Trainer assisted workouts to give you all of the benefits of personal training for a fraction of the cost.

Power Hour


"I’ve pushed myself, sweated more than my body weight in the gym and become stronger than I ever have been at PowerCycling. Marc really knows how to find your weakness and then make it your strong point. With his years of experience, I look to Marc to coach/guide me through my gym workouts."

-Alexey Vermeulen Pro Cyclist

"Thanks for the encouragement. I have really been putting my energy and focus into my training at your studio and have been so pleased with the progress I have been able to make. You've developed a very sophisticated program, one that enables me to step up to new challenges and, although difficult, experience a measure of success that leaves me excited to try for the next level."

Hillary M.
Fitness enthusiast