PowerCycling Rides


30 & 40 minute rides

Time efficient and result driven

These rides when performed 2-3 times a week can offer you a complete cardiovascular conditioning program, that will build a stronger heart, give you more energy and assist in your weight loss goals.

To participate in these rides a personal fitness assessment will determine your current fitness condition. The results of this evaluation will help develop your individual training levels to make sure you are training at the intensity that is right for you.

Whereas other indoor cycling programs offer classes with a "one size fits all" approach to training; PowerCycling creates a totally unique cycling experience that keeps in mind your conditioning level and fitness goals. You may be riding with a group of people, but each one of you will be following your own training program and performing the ride that is just right for you.

Since there are no classes, rides can be scheduled daily from 6am-8pm which allows you to ride when it's convenient for you, or even better get some friends together and make it a group ride. With over 75 different rides to choose from you will never get bored and after every ride you will receive valuable feedback that will help to keep you motivated and progressing towards your goals.


Performance Series Training

Increase your power 3-5% guaranteed!

Take all of the guess work out of your training, and increase your power to weight ratio with this proven 16 ride series. Great for any cyclist looking to get faster and fitter, from recreational cyclists to elite athletes looking to make it to the podium. When you complete the Performance Series you will be stronger, build stamina, have greater endurance, climb with greater ease, and have that extra gear in your legs when pushing the pace.

The Performance Series utilizes progressive training techniques that will push the body right to the edge of your comfort zone and produce measurable improvement.

Each ride in the Series has a specific training purpose -whether it's to build endurance, develop your sustained power at Threshold, increase your Vo2 Max capabilities, become a better sprinter, or increase your climbing ability.

Get on the fast track to becoming a stronger cyclist now and challenge yourself with the Performance Series.

30 Min Ride $18

40 Min Ride $22

Performance Series Ride $28

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