Power Circuit

This workout is a real game changer-you will feel stronger both mentally and physically on your next ride. You will develop the stamina, strength and the pure grit that you need to have to be able to hang in there on tough rides. This 75 minute class alternates between segments on the bike and weight training off the bike that will give you conditioning benefits that will improve your cycling performance and overall health beyond belief.

"I’ve pushed myself, sweated more than my body weight and have become stronger than I ever have been at PowerCycling. Marc really knows how to find your weakness and then make it your strong point. With his years of experience, I look to Marc to coach/guide me through my gym workouts."

-Alexey Vermeulen Pro Cyclist


Power Hour

If you are a cyclist, athlete, or fitness minded person looking to get stronger; there is no better way than with a Power Hour 1-2 times a week. A Power Hour trains your aerobic energy system, strength recruitment system and muscular endurance all in one workout.

Power Hour consists of a 30 minute PowerCycling segment and a 30 minute weight training session where you can target your upper body, lower body, or total body and includes valuable core/abdominal training in every session.

Combining strength and endurance training into one efficient workout creates a synergistic effect that will deliver greater results in a shorter amount of time.

"Thanks for the encouragement. I have really been putting my energy and focus into my training at your studio and have been so pleased with the progress I have been able to make. You've developed a very sophisticated program, one that enables me to step up to new challenges and, although difficult, experience a measure of success that leaves me excited to try for the next level."

Hillary M.
Fitness enthusiast

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Personal Training

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